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With large area70Mu,With the phoenix、TangQiao two production bases。The existing staff200More than one,Have a number of innovative research and development engineers。 Since2012Years,In China plastics machinery industry association rank evaluation for three consecutive years,Is China plastics machinery industry association“Vice President”The unit、Extrusion blow molding engineering technology center in jiangsu province,Is a famous trademark in jiangsu province、Provincial machinery products export base、High and new technology enterprise。

In recent years,Company to innovation as the leading factor,In the wake of the world molding machine innovation trend of The Times,The independent innovation continuously。The company's products mainly in plastics extrusion hollow,Especially efficient high-speed class hollow extrusion production line to catch up with the international advanced technology level,In the production of many well-known enterprises at home and abroad is widely recognized and highly appraised,There is40%The above products are exported、Non、O、Latin America, etc66Countries and regions。Plastic machinery association organization within the same industry in China,Since2012Since,Products export sales rank for three consecutive years。

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We are a plastic bottle blowing machine and mold quality suppliers,With nearly20Years of experience,Production capacity of more than600Taiwan/Years。

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